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Jared A. Ball is a father and husband. After that he is a professor of Media and Africana Studies and produces multimedia for

Raymond Goode - 'Through Their Eyes'

Virginia native; Raymond Goode, is the author of five books which one of his books is a National Stage Production which is currently touring the U. S. called Through Their Eyes. Raymond is C.E.O of Amplified Frequency Productions (a company which promotes books, audio, stage plays, t.v., and big screen productions) 

Raymond Goode is a consultant of people whom aspire to open their own Publishing Company. His company has assisted with the start-up of over 40 self publishing companies. 

Mr. Goode currently resides in Texas where his production is touring.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Vendors: Don't Miss Early Bird Special!

Vendors: Afrikan Market Place Spaces Available Early Bird Special Rates $85 Before November 15th Regular Rate: $100 8’X6’ Space Save The Date: Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 Trinity Family Life Center, Richmond VA Contact us by Email:




Watoto Achievement Award

Kwanzaa is an African-American celebration of “first fruits”. Through the Nguzo Saba, the seven principles, we honor and celebrate the best of what we’ve been given by our Creator and the best of what we’ve created and cultivated.  Our children are always the best of what we’ve cultivated with what our Creator has given us.  They are direct reflections of us.  Children are integral to Kwanzaa.  Watoto is a Swahili word meaning children.  

Take the time to acknowledge an mtoto (singular child) or many watoto for a goal you are proud of them for achieving or for a goal they’ve set for themselves that they’ve reached.  This award is not limited to academic achievement; your mtoto may have just displayed a new level of responsibility and/or maturity in caring for siblings or helping to care for the home.  When we acknowledge the achievements of our watoto they are inclined to continue achieving and setting higher goals for themselves.  

Fill out and email the following by December 24th to  write “Watoto Achievement Award” in the subject heading:
We will recognize all youth at the Richmond Kwanzaa Kollective’s Afrikan Heritage Celebration on December 30th, 2016 at Trinity Family Life Center from 5p-10p
We look forward to celebrating our youth with you!

Happy Kwanzaa!
The Richmond Kwanzaa Kollective

Watoto Achievement Award
  1. Name of Mtoto/Watoto (Child or Children)
  2. Name the achievement (reason) to be recognized
  3. Character trait displayed by mtoto/watoto (for ex. wisdom, kindness, maturity)
  4. Age of Mtoto/Watoto
  5. Name of Parent, Guardian, Teacher or Elder submitting recognition
  6. What is your relation to mtoto/watoto?

  7. Email submission for your child(ren) to be recognized by the community to: by December 25th


Some believe it's her presence and infectious smile. Others say it's something about her energy that is familiar and inviting. But no matter the debate, most will agree that the rich sound of this powerful contralto captures audiences with every mesmerizing note. Add an earthy, rhythmic approach to classic R&B laced with influences of hip hop, jazz, reggae, and funk, and you have a sultry recipe of soul music that leaves audiences yearning for more. Shanta "Bunmi" Jasper is a light that incites a feeling of joy and reflection. Her lyrics are filled with the discovery of love and life lessons that provoke thought and enlightenment. This burgeoning soul sensation is a unique and compelling addition to soul music.


The Rubber Peeple are two skillful yet humble emcees out of Norfolk, VA (757), that also just happen to be a loving, Hip-Hop family.  As 1/3 of the Jhunippuz Elite Poetry Organization (J.E.P.O.),  Novakane Omega and King Pegee the Divine (Phatz) have been emceeing since the early 1990's. With J.E.P.O., they've performed up and down the east coast for the past 10 years. They pride themselves on their live performance. 

As members of Jhunippuz, They released two albums (A Snippet of a Legacy, Behind the Mic in Front of the Crowd) and one album (Truth To Power) as the duo, The Rubber Peeple.  Through diligence and outstanding lyricism, they've made quite a reputation for themselves all throughout the Hampton Roads Area.

The Rubber Peeple have a raw boom-bap sound, with powerful rhymes that are easy to digest. They draw inspiration from all musical genres. Everything from Reggae, to R & B, to Hip Hop. Their most prominent influences are KRS- One, Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Outkast, De La Soul, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, and Erykah Badu to name a few.

The Rubber Peeple aim to help restore credibility to the art of Emceeing, and to strike a balance between the true Hip-Hop connoisseur and the music industry of today.  Through their music, they will expose the various aspects of Hip-Hop culture using peace, unity, love and having fun. Ultimately, they plan to change the game and shift the paradigm toward a new era in music…An era where music-lovers have a choice.